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The Outer Banks
Moving to NC 
6th-Sep-2006 12:16 am

We are moving to North Carolina from Maryland. Yay, it only took us 15 years to finally take the leap. Now what? We sold our house. That part was easy, now we need a job for the husband. Also, we are not sure where in NC is best for us. We vacation on the Outer Banks each year, but don't think that is the best place to find steady work. My husband is a maintenance mechanic in a large factory and has been at the same place for the past 20 years. He can also do home repairs and is quite handy. We have a teenage son who wants to live near the ocean, we do also. We are looking at New Bern, Beaufort, Morehead City, Wilmington, or somethink near the coast. Help pleae. If you live in NC and know someone who is hiring, let me know. If you think your neck of the woods is a great place for us to settle, let me know. We have seen a lot of very nice houses in the New Bern area, but can't make a offer on anything until employment is established. Most of all, I need your prayers. Thank you all so much. Marie
9th-Oct-2006 07:01 pm (UTC) - moving to NC
My family is in Montgomery County, MD. I am the only one that came to NC and I love it down here! There are many places in NC that are good places to live. I landed in Raleigh because I went to NC State. Raleigh is 1.5 hours from the ocean and 4 hours from the mountains. We have a great mix of people in our area. Raleigh and Cary keep making the Forbes lists of great places to live. Schools in Wake County are getting good reviews.
I am a real estate agent in the Raleigh area and can send you information about the area if you would like. If you are interested in Nags Head area, I have a wonderful real estate friend in that area that can help you. If you are interested in the Wilmington area, I have a good real estate agent for you there also. Please feel free to ask me about areas of NC that you are thinking about...
My e-mail is beaverc@hpw.com
Good luck!
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